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Hot Melt Adhesives for Baby Diapers

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Baby diapers today are more advanced and are made for security, skin protection, and comfort, critical features every consumer is seeking with baby diapers. Parents are focused on comfort for their infant and high-quality materials assure there are no leaks while protecting the baby’s skin from rashes and other discomfort caused by wetness. This means the diaper construction requires secure bonding of different layers and materials to keep the diaper together, absorb wetness, and are stretchable to guarantee comfort and fit for the baby.

Cheshire has a proven portfolio of diaper adhesives designed for each application within the diaper construction process. Cheshire hot melt adhesives are optimized for all hygiene products including high-quality diaper adhesives for diaper construction. 

Cheshire has dedicated production lines to assure product quality and supply security globally when looking for adhesive materials to glue diaper parts. Whether it be stretch release adhesives, wetness indicator adhesives, diaper construction adhesives, Cheshire is happy to help find personalized solution that lowers the cost of diaper construction while creating the highest quality products possible.

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